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Pasture Raised NZ Lamb

Why New Zealand Lamb ?

One of the key drivers for developing Genius was that we wanted to make a product that used ethically produced meat. Most pet food in New Zealand is made from factory farmed chicken or intensively reared beef and imported from overseas. Obviously we all know well the animal welfare implications of rearing animals in factory farms and many consumers are thankfully taking this into account in their purchasing decisions.

Apart from the ethical concerns of treating animals in this way, factory farming also relies on large inputs of antibiotics to maintain the health of animals in these intensive rearing systems. The rise of antibiotic resistance is a huge concern to both human and animal health and we do not believe that pet food companies should be purchasing from farming systems that rely on antibiotics for maintenance of animal health. 

Also we wanted to support New Zealand farmers. New Zealand's pastoral farming systems are the most sustainable way of growing high quality meat proteins. A large amount of New Zealand lamb is exported to other countries for use in their pet food. We believe we should feed our pets the best, so why not use NZ lamb and make our food right here?

Where does your lamb come from?

Our lamb meat comes from the Mid-Canterbury area and our lamb meat and bone meal comes from the Hawkes Bay.