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Hi, I’m Paula. I'm a veterinarian and I'm on a mission to create New Zealand's most nutritious, ethical and sustainable pet food range.

Currently many of New Zealand's pets are fed on a low quality, low protein diet of imported factory farmed chicken, loaded with additives and preservatives and shipped half way around the World before it even gets to our shelves.

I don't believe this is the best way to feed our pets.  

So I've created better pet food.

One that is wholesome and nutritious for your pet and is free from nasty colourants and chemical preservatives.

One that is made from the quality protein grown right here in New Zealand, in our free range farming systems, that don't rely on large amounts of antibiotics to keep animals healthy, and under our stringent animal welfare laws. 

Rethinking Pet Food

I want Genius to be the smart choice for your pet.

It is no small thing to start a pet food brand. We have big dreams for our company and we are on a huge journey.

I hope you’ll join us.