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My Story

Hi, I’m Paula. As a veterinarian I've been thinking about pet nutrition for a very long time. Lately I've been thinking that many pet foods are not what they're supposed to be.

Designed by the marketing department, not the science department, they ignore evidence at the expense of real nutrition and ultimately pet health.

So I've Created a Better Pet Food.

With the help of leading New Zealand veterinarians, animal nutritionists and pet food manufacturers I've created a better pet food. A food that as a Veterinarian I feel confident feeding to my own pets and recommending to my clients.  

Genius contains carefully chosen, minimally processed ingredients that are blended for optimal nutrient absorption and long term health and backed by the latest nutrition science.

Naturally, it's free from artificial preservatives, colourants and flavours. It's also free from internet fads and undue influence from some overseas corporate marketing department!

My Promise

Genius Pet Food exists to bring pet owners a natural and nutritious pet food that they can trust and to educate pet parents on pet health and nutrition. 

We will only create products made from ingredients we trust and that we would happily feed our own pets.

Its very easy to be swayed by the latest fad or enticing give away, but I want our customers to buy Genius Pet Food because it is the best. Not because it comes with a free umbrella. 

Rethinking Pet Food

We're bringing Kiwi pet parents a sustainably sourced, nutritious, New Zealand made pet food that they can trust

It is no small thing to start a pet food brand. We have big dreams for our small, family owned company and we are on a huge journey.

Please join us and help make Genius the smart choice for Kiwi pets nationwide