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Yes, our Ocean Fish dog food is formulated and tested by AAFCO and so is perfectly balanced for everyday feeding. No extra supplements are required unless recommended by your veterinarian.

We understand your concern as non-one likes fishy breath. Luckily, Genius Ocean Fish has just the right amount of fishy smell to appeal to our furry family members without being offensive to human noses!

You've come to the right place! Our Ocean Fish was formulated with dogs with sensitive skin and sensitive tummies in mind.

The most common allergens in dogs are (in order) chicken, beef and lamb meat, followed by wheat.

Ocean Fish is formulated with fish as a single protein source and rice as our main carbohydrate and thus is less likely to be allergenic than many other foods.

We've also added plenty of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids by incorporating fish oil, flax and sunflower seeds and added turmeric for extra anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dogs that have had pancreatitis require a low fat diet to prevent recurrence. At 12% fat our Ocean Fish product is considered pretty low in fat. We would consider it okay to feed in breeds that are genetically predisposed to pancreatitis and those dogs who have had a one-off episode of mild pancreatitis at least 3 months ago. For dogs who have experienced severe or chronic pancreatitis we would recommend staying on a prescription diet that is around 8-9% fat unless advised otherwise by your veterinarian.

To begin feeding Genius we recommend slowly mixing in increasing amounts of your new food, whilst decreasing the amount of your old food over a period of about 1 week. For dogs with sensitive tummies you may want to stretch this out to 2 weeks.

DAYS 1-2: 75% Current Food, 25% Genius

DAYS 3-4: 50% Current Food, 50% Genius

DAYS 5-6: 25% Current Food, 75% Genius

DAY 7: 100% Genius

Always keep your Genius pet food tightly sealed in it's bag and store in a cool, dry place away from heat, direct sunlight and/or humidity. Use within 3 months of opening.

Yes, we are working on design for a smaller bag size right now. We are hoping to have this on the market in August.

Yes, we have some very specific ideas on how we can make a better cat food than what's available on the market right now! So, we will be formulating a cat food in the future. If you would like to be notified when this becomes available please email paula@geniuspetfood.co.nz to go on our cat food waiting list.


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No, we only ship within New Zealand at present.

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