Beagle eating dog food that has been safely stored in original packaging

How to safely store and handle dog food

Pet food must be stored correctly so that it remains fresh and nutritious. Read my top tips for proper pet food storage.
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Our pet food contains a large amount of meat and is preserved with a naturally using a green tea, spearmint and rosemary extract. To keep it fresh and free from contamination there are a few key points we recommend:

1. Always store in the original packaging

Our packaging is specifically designed to keep your dog food fresh. Once you’ve scooped out your food simply squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and roll the top down tight.

You do not need to store it in a plastic container. However often this makes sense to keep persistent little doggy mouths out of a bag of highly palatable dog food! If you do so then leave it in the bag inside the container and continue to roll the top down tight to remove air.

I don’t recommend pouring your kibble into a large plastic bin as the plastic itself can absorb fats and oils from the pet food. Plastic bins are notoriously difficult to clean well and so often new food gets mixed in with the old food residue and crumbs, thereby increasing the risk of contamination and rancidity. Also as your food level gets down it will be exposed to more and more air.

2. Always store in a cool, dry place

Excess heat and moisture can cause the nutrients in pet food to deteriorate and changes in temperature and condensation may lead to mould growth and contamination.

So find somewhere cool, dry and out of the light to store your food.

3. Hygiene

I recommend choosing a pet food dish made of a durable, non-porous material that is easy to clean, such as stainless steel. Ideally, wash and dry this after every use. Use a dedicated serving scoop or cup and wash after each use as well.

Always make sure you wash your hands well after handling pet food and treats.

4. Pet food recalls

This happens rarely these days due to increasingly stringent manufacturing regulations, but should you have any issues if you’ve stored your food in its original packaging then you will have a product batch code available for the manufacturer, which makes it easier for them to address any issues.

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