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How a high Omega 3 diet can help your dog

Omega 3 fatty acids can be really beneficial for dogs with arthritis and older dogs that are slowing down.

Feeding Pregnant and Lactating Dogs

Getting the nutrition right for pregnant and lactating dogs is essential, but can be tricky. Read more here.

Is your dog food okay for puppies?

Although not originally formulated for puppies, Genius Pet Food Ocean Fish flavour meets the AAFCO specifications for feeding to puppies of all sizes and breeds.

The facts about food allergies

Food allergies are one of the most misunderstood of all dog health problems. Here are the real facts on food allergies.

When sharing is not caring

Chocolate can be toxic to dogs - learn more about why that is, what to do if your dog has eaten chocolate and tips on prevention.

Pet proof your Christmas holidays

Top tips from a Kiwi veterinarian to keep your pet safe and healthy this Christmas

How much should I feed my pet?

Energy needs vary between breeds, sexes and with activity levels. So how much should you feed your dog?

The right way to switch your dog's food

Many pets get an upset tummy if you introduce a new food too fast. Here's my advice on changing over to Genius Pet Food.

How to safely store and handle pet food

Pet food must be stored correctly so that it remains fresh and nutritious. Read my top tips for proper pet food storage.